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E S T A T E   D I S P E R S A L    S A L E

November 2014

Photograph of a painting by Barbara Warren

No.19: Barbara Warren, The Mask

We have been instructed to dispose of a collection of paintings on behalf of a private client. A selection of photos are available on the link below. Allow at least 5 seconds for this link to open. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

Photo Selection

No. 7: Moyra Barry 1885-1960; Lillies in a White Vase; watercolour on paper 20x15 inches; signed by the artist; € SOLD

No. 9: Augustus Walford Weedon 1838-1908; Cottages in Donegal; watercolour on paper 9x20 inches; signed by the artist; Exhibited: Frederick Gallery, 2005; € SOLD

No.12: Tom Ryan PPRHA b.1929; Kilronan, Inis Mσr, Aran Islands; watercolour on paper 10x14 inches; signed by the artist; Exbibited Water Colour Society of Ireland, 2008, no.231; € SOLD

No.16: Evie Hone 1894-1955; Irish Landscape; Pastel on board 10x14 inches; signed by the artist; Provenance, Dawson Gallery, Dublin; € SOLD

No.19: Barbara Warren b.1925; The Mask; oil on canvas 20x21 inches; signed by the artist; inscribed verso with title; Dawson Gallery label; €1250

No.20: Jack Hanlon 1913-1968; Walker in a Park; watercolour on paper 11x15 inches; Exhibited: Frederick Gallery, March 1997; € SOLD

No.21: Jack Cudworth 1930-2010; Shepherd; watercolour on paper 10½x7Ό inches; signed by the artist; Provenance: Tom Caldwell Gallery; € SOLD

No. 22: Paul Kelly b.1968; White Carnations in a Glass; oil on canvas 18x14 inches; signed by the artist and dated ’93; Exhibited: Gorry Gallery; € SOLD

No.23: George Campbell 1917-1979; Companions; watercolour on paper 8½ x11 inches; signed by the artist; €850

No.25: Alicia Boyle 1932-1988; Dawn Rockface, Reenacappul; oil on canvas 20x24 inches; signed by the artist; Exhibited: Taylor Gallery, Dublin, July 1986, no.5; Painted in 1985 at Reenacappul, Ahakista, West Cork; €1,250

No.29: Estella Solomons1882-1968; Self Portrait; Etching 6Ύx 5inches; signed by the artist in the plate EFS; Inscribed with title in the margin; Exhibited: Frederick Gallery, 2000; €350

No.30: Gerald Bruen RHA 1908-2004; Study of Maureen; pencil on paper 14x13 inches; Provenance: Geoff Robinson, 1980; The model later married Maurice McGonigal; €395

No.33: Elizabeth Rivers 1903-1964; Nude Study; Contι on paper 16½x11Ύ inches; Provenance: Elizabeth Rivers Estate, no.33; Exhibited: Neptune Gallery, Dublin, no.55; €395

No.34: Niccolo Caracciolo 1941-1989; Figure in a Window, St. Gallo, Florence; oil on fibreboard 6x5 inches; Inscribed verso, San Gallo and numbered 22; € SOLD

No.40: Anne Blayney; Summer Flowers; watercolour on paper 7½x10 inches; signed by the artist; € SOLD

No.56: Brian K. Reilly; The Four Courts; Watercolour on paper 10x13½ inches; signed by the artist and dated 2002; title inscribed verso; € SOLD

No.63: Guy Hanscombe; River Dronne, Petit-Bersac, France; oil on canvas 18x11 inches; signed by the artist; Exhibited: Frederick Gallery, 2003; € SOLD

No.68: Jack Cudworth 1930-2010; Quayside; watercolour on paper 5½x8Ό inches; signed by the artist; Provenance: Tom Caldwell Gallery; € SOLD

No.71: Patrick Cahill; Against the Light; oil on canvas laid on board 20x16 inches; signed by the artist; Exhibited: Sandford Gallery, Ranelagh; € SOLD

No.111: Eleanor Harbison; Windblown Daisies; oil on paper 18x24 inches; artist’s label verso; €395

Photos on Request

No.31: Imogen Stuart b.1927; Angels; ink on paper 18x14 inches; Provenance: Jill Cox; €395

No.35: Frederick W. Hull 1867-1953; Breaking Waves; watercolour on paper 7½x10 inches; signed by the artist and dated 1922; €165

No.39: Anne Blayney; Kentia Palm €185; 41. Mare and Foal €265; 42. Ponies at Renvyle €220; 43. Blue Tits Feeding €295; 44. Rhododendrons €295; 113. Two for Joy €195.

No.45: Gay Buggy, Bruges €220; 46. Ken Clarken, Lago di Garda €265; Mary Golden, Amsterdam €195

No.49: George McCaw; Norway €165; 50. Tea at Reids, Madeira €265; 51. Vineyard, Capetown €185; 52. Lake District €195; 53. Woodland €165

No.54: Brian K. Reilly; Dun Laoghaire €285; 55. Heuston Station €285; 57. College Green €285

No.58: Wilfred J. Haughton; Norfolk Broads €265; 60. M. Evans, Harbour €160; 61. Siobhan Dillon, Tulips €145; 62. Sarah Davidson, Lock Keeper’s Cottage €365; 64. Michael McWilliams, Notre Dame €185; 67. B. Buachleach? Harbour, West of Ireland €165; 70. Barbara Graham, Herbert Park €265; 75. James Howard Burgess, Ballynahinch, Connemara €245; 76. Delphi Harbour, Killary Bay €245; 80. Tony Wilson, Joyce’s Farm, Leenane €165; 81. Margaret Becker, Girl in Red €185; 83. Keith O’Donnell, Wicklow Mountains €120; 92. Edward James Rogers, Pavement Cafι €165; 95. Agnes J. Rudd, Orchard €185; 96. Margaret Stokes, Couple in a Landscape €220; 104. Rosemary McLoughlin Kiera €160; 105. Colin Martin Boy €220; 106. Rosemary McLoughlin At Twenty €160; 108. Mary Frazer, Going Away €220;

Not included above is a selection of oils, watercolours and prints priced between €50 and €95 each.

Contact Dominic on 269 3486 or mail 'art at' for further details.

Single items or entire collections on a fixed fee basis for insurance and probate.

With the advent of high resolution digital images, it is now possible for us to issue Certificates for any other purpose worldwide.

We offer a fully comprehensive Expert Service for European buyers in the United States and for American buyers in Europe.

Due to the continuing proliferation of Osborne forgeries on the market, we have decided to dedicate a new page to this matter. Aloysius O'Kelly, Nathaniel Hone, Augustus Burke, Letitia Hamilton and many others are  regularly forged and these artists will be added to the page in due course. If you have any information you would like us to include or if you have any reason to suspect the status of a work in your collection, please contact


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Private Dealers in Fine European and irish Paintings

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